Tyce-C Conductive FIBC Bag

Tyce-C Conductive FIBC Bag

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Tyce-C Conductive FIBC Bag

About Tyce C Conductive Bag:

Tyce C Conductive Bag refer to the category of FIBCs that actually prevent dangerous electrostatic discharge by grounding the bag itself during loading and unloading. These bags are safe when grounded because any electrostatic potential due to rapid filling or discharge will quickly and safely leave the bag grounded through a network of conductive fibers woven into the bag fabric. This is the case as long as the bag remains grounded at all times.

Available functions of Tyce C Conductive Bag:

Remote Unloading: Releases product from the bottom of the bag, but does not reach the bottom of the bag.
Full Bottom Dump: The bag can be emptied of caked or bridged products.
Antistatic Construction: Recommended for highly flammable products.
Screen Design: Liquids are released while solids are retained.
Ports: Sample and inspect product while the bag remains closed.
Offset Drain: Empty the bag without lifting the bag.
Type A, B, C and D bags (see Q&A for definitions).
Container Lining: Protects against moisture and contamination and ensures hygienic transport.
Low temperature resistant.
Food and pharmaceutical grade.

Tyce-C Conductive FIBC Bag

Features of Tyce C Conductive Bag:

Conductive threads are interwoven throughout the fabric
Effective use requires grounding
Very safe when used correctly
Not grounding during filling or draining can be very dangerous
The oldest and most common FIBC to mitigate electrostatic discharge in the process

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