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  • Type D Anti static Bulk Bags

  • Type D Anti static Bulk Bags

  • Type D Anti static Bulk Bags

Type D Anti static Bulk Bags

Type D Bulk Bags are also called anti static Bulks Bags or static resistant bags. When dealing with highly combustible products, safety is of the highest importance. That is where Type D bags come in.

Product Description

Type D Bulk Bags are also called anti static Bulks Bags or static resistant bag. A type D bag is constructed from anti static fabric which has anti static or static dissipative properties to safely prevent the occurrence of incendiary sparks, brush discharges and propagating brush discharges and does not require grounding.

Anti Static Bulk Bags are some of the most versatile bulk containers on the market for anti-static storage and transport. They are ideal for use in environments containing explosive dust, gases and vapors, and they are suitable for use in nonflammable environments as well.

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Usage of Anti Static Bulk Bags


Used safely to transport flammable powders, such as sugar, starch, copper sulfate and zinc oxide, are all highly flammable. Type D bags are required for transporting these types of products to safely dissipate the electrostatic charges that can occur, without being grounded.

Used safely when flammable solvents or gases are present around the bag. Many warehouses where bulk bags are filled are in combustible and flammable environments with gases and vapors present in the air. Type D Bulk Bags allow for the safe packaging and handling of materials in these environments.

DO NOT USE when the surface is contaminated or coated with conductive material such as water or grease.


Type D Anti Static Bulk Bag Advantages


- Dissipates Static Electricity

- Prevents Brush Discharges

- Prevents Sparks

- Prevents Propagating Brush Discharges

- Safe for use in the presence of Solvents, Flammable Powders, and Combustible Materials

- Eliminates the Risk of Human Error

- Safest Bulk Bag Type in Explosive Environments


Type D Anti static Bulk Bags




U-panel or 4-panel type
Top filling with spout top
Bottom discharging with spout bottom or flat bottom
Inner bottle-shaped PE liner
Sift proofing in seam is available
Lift loops type is customized


Benefits of Anti Static Bulk Bags


1.Convenient shipping. Because of their lightweight construction, they have the lowest package-to-product weight of any intermediate-sized industrial bulk container.

2.Convenient handling. FIBCs are easy to transport because of their sturdy lifting loops.

3.Easy storage: Lightweight and flexible, FIBCs can be folded, flattened and stowed in small spaces when not in use.

4.Variety of applications: FIBCs can be used to transport sold materials ranging from pharmaceuticals to mining products to food products.

5.Customizable features: FIBCs’ features can be tailored to a variety of needs, offering numerous options in terms of their size, filling methods, discharging characteristics and more.

6.Low ecological impact: When users no longer need their FIBCs, they can recycle them at approved recycling companies across the country.


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Type D Anti static Bulk Bags


How Do Anti Static Bags Work?

Anti-static bags work by inhibiting the effects of electrostatic charge. International standard 61340 regulates the use of anti-static applications, and anti-static bags must adhere to its protocols.

Different types of anti-static bulk bags offer various levels of static protection and discharge. It’s essential to choose the right type of FIBC for each application to ensure that the necessary level of protection is in place.

Type D FIBCs are also less susceptible to human error than type C bags. This is because they do not require internal conductive yarn for interconnectivity or grounding for safe and effective function.


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